Fuse-It-mRNA enables immediate mRNA transfer and a highly efficient protein synthesis in difficult-to-transfect cells. With this innovative reagent, ibidi offers an easy and efficient method for endosome-independent mRNA transfer, accompanied by an extremely low cytotoxicity, in primary cells (e.g., neurons or HUVEC) or stem cells.

The Fuse-It liposomal carrier, which includes the mRNA, simply fuses with the cell membrane and then releases the mRNA directly into the cytoplasm. mRNA translation starts immediately, without the interfering processes of endocytosis, lysosomal degradation, or mitosis.

Based on the charge of natural cell membranes, Fuse-It-mRNA liposomes are able to effectively fuse with most cell types. Cell lines, non-proliferating cells (e.g., neurons), and a broad spectrum of difficult-to-transfect primary cells can directly translate the mRNA in the cytosol. Membrane fusion with Fuse-It-mRNA results in fast and highly efficient protein expression with no risk of genomic integration.

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