Horizon and Promega Corporation have partnered in a long-term relationship to develop a suite of best-in-class endogenous pathway tag and reporter cell lines for application in functional genomics research and drug discovery and development.

Two classes of X-MAN™ Reporter Kits are available:

X-MAN™ NanoLuc® 
Better biology …Endogenous HTS …Biologically relevant results

NanoLuc™ luciferase is a novel, small, bright luciferase reporter. It is one third the size and 100 times brighter than the most commonly used luciferase, firefly. Reporter cell lines involve knock-in of the Promega NanoLuc™ reporter into an endogenous locus for in vitro and in vivo pathway read-outs and protein stability experiments. This brightness allows the interrogation of pathway activity from endogenous genes/ promoters, expanding the range of questions that can be asked and the range of genes that can be studied.

Kits are available in 10, 100, 500, 1,000 ml and custom reporter volume sizes.

X-MAN™ HaloTag® 

Kits are available in 15 and 30 µl reagent volume sizes for imaging ligands - two are available, TMR (for red fluorescing) and Oregon Green), or in 24 reactions for pull-down ligands.


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