A Not-So-Short Circuit?

As neuroscientists look to the future of their field, they are beginning to delve into the complex factors that define our emotions and intentions.Fifteen years after writing the book on the neurobiology of emotion, New York University neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux is rethinking his approach. “I’m not even using the word emotion anymore,” he says. . . .By Edyta Zielinska


Synthetic Biology

Interview: Speaking of Memory

Considered a renegade by his peers, Nobel Prize-winner Eric Kandel used a simple model to probe the neural circuitry of memory.Inspired by cell and molecular biologists who studied complex questions in the simplest available model systems, neuroscientist Eric Kandel bucked then-current trends in brain research by choosing to explore memory using an evolutionarily ancient organism, rather than human subjects.By Edyta Zielinska

Video: Kandel on Neuroscience

Eric Kandel, winner of the 2000...


Secrets of AgingWhat does a normally aging brain look like? Are diseases of aging such as Alzheimer’s inevitable?By Carol Barnes
Animal Electricity, circa 1781How an Italian scientist doing Frankenstein-like experiments on dead frogs discovered that the body is powered by electrical impulses.By Jessica P. Johnson
Blood’s Role in the Aging BrainA blood protein involved in allergy contributes to the decline in brain function and memory in aging mice.By Edyta Zielinska
Deconstructing the Mosaic BrainSequencing the DNA of individual neurons is a way to dissect the genes underlying major neurological and psychological disorders.By Tom Curran
The Birth of OptogeneticsAn account of the path to realizing tools for controlling brain circuits with lightBy Edward S. Boyden
Manipulating MemoryInsights into the cellular and molecular basis of emotion and memory could help patients with post traumatic stress disorder.By Joseph LeDoux




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