antibiotic resistance
Bacterial Exploitation
Ruth Williams | Jul 5, 2012
Field studies reveal non-virulent bacteria take advantage of their virulent counterparts to get a free pass into their host.
Freezing Time
Vern L. Schramm | May 1, 2012
Targeting the briefest moment in chemistry may lead to an exceptionally strong new class of drugs.
Anti-inflammatory Factors Fight Bugs
Megan Scudellari | Apr 25, 2012
A combination of antibiotics and the body’s own defensive metabolites clears bacterial infections faster than antibiotics alone.
Banned Antibiotics Found in Poultry
Jef Akst | Apr 6, 2012
Researchers find evidence of illegal use of antibiotics in poultry products.
Antibiotics in the Animals We Eat
Antibiotics in the Animals We Eat
Bonnie M. Marshall and Stuart B. Levy | Apr 1, 2012
Low-dose antibiotics in animal feed fuel drug-resistance in human infectious diseases.
MRSA Found in Antibiotic-free Meat
Hannah Waters | Feb 2, 2012
Just because meat is labeled “antibiotic-free” doesn’t mean it’s antibiotic-resistant superbug-free.
Antimicrobial Cross-Resistance Risk
Sabrina Richards | Jan 24, 2012
Bacteria that evolve resistance to antimicrobial therapies may be able to evade natural immune peptides.
FDA Curbs Livestock Antibiotics
Tia Ghose | Jan 6, 2012
The agency has limited the use of antibiotics in farm animals.
The Evolution of Drug Resistance
Ruth Williams | Dec 18, 2011
Researchers use whole-genome sequencing to keep tabs on the development of antibiotic resistance in bacteria.
Resistance Outlasts Antibiotics
Edyta Zielinska | Dec 5, 2011
Antibiotic resistant bacteria keep their protective genes, even when antibiotics are no longer given.