Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis

Origin of Frog-Killing Chytrid Fungus Found
Ruth Williams | May 10, 2018
DNA evidence points to Asian amphibians as the source of a fatal disease that has been wiping out frogs across the globe.  
Frogs Fight Back From Fungal Attack
Ruth Williams | Mar 29, 2018
A decade after chytridiomycosis killed scores of amphibians in Panama, some species are recovering. New research indicates why.  
Fighting Chytrid Fungus
Karen Zusi | Nov 19, 2015
Researchers eliminated chytrid fungus from a Mediterranean island toad population using antifungals and disinfectants.
Week in Review: January 20–24
Tracy Vence | Jan 23, 2014
Mistimed sleep disrupts human transcriptome; canine tumor genome; de novo Drosophila genes; UVA light lowers blood pressure; aquatic microfauna fight frog-killing fungus
Aquatic Microfauna Eat Frog-Killing Fungus
Yao-Hua Law | Jan 23, 2014
Filter-feeders emerge as potential defenders against a deadly amphibian disease.
Trouble for Darwin’s Frogs
Abby Olena | Nov 21, 2013
Chytrid fungus has likely driven the decline of two South American frog species named for Charles Darwin.
Frog-Killing Fungus Thrives
Tia Ghose | Aug 15, 2012
Global trade in live bullfrogs and a more volatile, changing climate worsen a deadly amphibian fungus.
Pick your frog poison
Jessica P. Johnson | May 31, 2011
Human development may destroy natural habitats, but it could also provide amphibians with a safe haven from deadly fungal infections.