Building Blocks of Life May Have Formed in Water Droplets
Ashley Yeager | Oct 23, 2017
Reactions that generate fundamental components of the cell run smoothly in microdroplets, study shows.
Reducing Repetition While Building Biopolymers
Kate Yandell | Jan 11, 2016
A free algorithm helps synthetic biologists decide which codons to use to encode repetitive proteins using the least-repetitive DNA sequence possible.
Polymer Pioneer Honored
Kerry Grens | Feb 4, 2015
Robert Langer, an engineer at MIT who fundamentally changed drug delivery, is awarded £1 million for the Queen Elizabeth Prize.
Engineer of Change
Tracy Vence | Feb 1, 2015
A chemical engineer walks into a biology lab . . . and revolutionizes bioengineering. How Robert Langer blazed a trail in drug delivery and regenerative medicine.