cloud computing

Q&A: A 10,000-Genome Milestone for Shared Pediatric Cancer Data  
Carolyn Wilke | Apr 1, 2019
Computational biologist Jinghui Zhang of St. Jude realized scientists could work more efficiently with tools and genomic data shared on the cloud.
Bringing the Internet of Things into the Lab
Abby Olena | Jun 1, 2018
The IoT can link up many facets of research—from laboratory equipment to ideas—but scientists must be ready for the questions its implementation could raise.
Scientists Continue to Use Outdated Methods
Catherine Offord | Jan 8, 2018
The use of underperforming computational tools is a major offender in science’s reproducibility crisis—and there’s growing momentum to avoid it.
Encouraging Digital Laboratory Management Solutions
The Scientist Creative Services Team in collaboration with Eppendorf | Jul 14, 2021
A cloud-based platform enables researchers to effectively manage their laboratories.
Google Offers Genome Storage, Analysis
Kerry Grens | Nov 11, 2014
The Internet search giant joins a number of other companies offering cloud computing and genome storage.
Opinion: Bioinformatics Software: A Buyer’s Guide
David R. Smith | Sep 2, 2014
How to choose programs that suit your lab’s ’omics analysis needs
Cloud-Based Genomics
Kerry Grens | Oct 28, 2013
An academic-commercial partnership launches the largest cloud-based genomics project to date.
Data Drive
Kelly Rae Chi | Oct 1, 2013
Solutions for sharing, storing, and analyzing big data
Proceed with Caution
Mark Gerstein and Dov Greenbaum | Oct 1, 2013
While genomic data sharing is essential for research, scientists must work to keep sensitive, potentially damaging information under wraps.
Week in Review: June 3–7
Jef Akst | Jun 7, 2013
Crowdsourcing biomedical research; bird flu contagion?; zebrafish shed light on inherited muscle disorder; the economics of the Human Genome Project; the epigenetics of pair bonding
New Tech Boosts Science
Tia Ghose | Oct 1, 2011
From iPhone apps to cloud computing, everyday digital technologies are helping advance drug discovery, conduct clinical trials, and improve medical care.
DNA Sent to the Cloud
Jessica P. Johnson | Jul 27, 2011
Cloud computing could change the game for the business of DNA-sequencing.