direct reprogramming
Stem Cells Made Waves in Biology and Medicine
Karen Zusi | Oct 1, 2016
Since their introduction to the lab, pluripotent stem cells have gone from research tool to therapeutic, but the journey has been rocky.
Cell Reprogramming Successes
Catherine Offord | May 1, 2016
Two studies demonstrate the first direct, chemical reprogramming of mouse and human skin cells into heart muscle and neural cells.
Neurons from Glia In Vivo
Kerry Grens | Oct 19, 2015
Scientists present new recipes for directly converting glial cells to neurons in mouse brains.
Growing Placenta-Generating Cells
Jef Akst | Oct 14, 2015
Researchers derive trophoblast stem cells from mouse fibroblasts, paving the way for cell therapy for placental dysfunction diseases.