gas chromatography

Gene Expression Analysis Gets Gassy
Ruth Williams | Jun 1, 2018
Soil scientists use a gas-producing reporter system to assess gene activity in bacteria.
2016 Top 10 Innovations: Honorable Mentions
The Scientist Staff | Nov 30, 2016
These runners up to the Top 10 Innovations of 2016 caught our judges' attention.
GC-MS Distorts Data?
Jef Akst | Oct 22, 2015
A study suggests that gas chromatography-mass spectrometry modifies or destroys sample compounds, but some are skeptical.
Learn about universal documentation for easy compliance testing
Simplify Laboratory Compliance with Universal Documentation
The Scientist Creative Services Team, PerkinElmer | Apr 21, 2022
Universal electronic documentation takes care of instrument compliance testing, allowing researchers to get back to the bench.
Detecting New Synthetic Drugs
Cristina Luiggi | Sep 1, 2011
Forensic labs in the United States should be better equipped to identify a new crop of recreational drug mimics.