grant writing

Researchers Advised to Remove Climate Change Language
Catherine Offord | Aug 29, 2017
The Department of Energy requested that scientists reword grant proposals to be more in line with the White House’s agenda on climate research.
NIH: Grant Applicants Can Cite Preprints
Tracy Vence | Mar 27, 2017
In an agency first, the National Institutes of Health provides guidance on citing certain non-peer-reviewed publications in agency proposals and reports.
UK Government Guarantees EU Funding
Jef Akst | Aug 16, 2016
British scientists will continue to receive grants from the European Union, including its flagship program Horizon 2020.
Follow the Funding
Bob Grant | May 1, 2015
In times of budget belt-tightening at the federal level, life-science researchers can keep their work supported through private sources.
NSF: Researchers Need Regulation Relief
Bob Grant | May 2, 2014
The National Science Foundation’s governing board calls for the easing of administrative requirements so that scientists can focus on their work.
New Resubmission Policy at NIH
Tracy Vence | Apr 22, 2014
The National Institutes of Health is now allowing grant applicants to resubmit unsuccessful proposals as new.
Charitable Grants Fill the Funding Void
Bob Grant | Dec 18, 2013
Foundation funds have taken up some of the slack left by waning federal budgets, but such grants don’t often cover indirect research costs.
Unlimited Submissions for NIH Grants?
Bob Grant | Feb 20, 2013
The National Institutes of Health is weighing a peer-review system where grant proposals, even ones being resubmitted, would be treated as new.
Burgers and Flies
Megan Scudellari | May 1, 2012
Inspired by Darwin, Mohamed Noor has uncovered the molecular dance by which a single species becomes two.
Opinion: Good, But Not Good Enough
Umberto Galderisi | Feb 22, 2012
Funding only outstanding researchers is increasing the gap between good and great labs and forcing some out of science in search of a bigger paycheck.
NIH Grants Funding Drops
Jef Akst | Oct 17, 2011
The success rate of the government agency's grant applications has hit an all-time low.
Rewards of Risk
Megan Scudellari | Feb 1, 2011
Secrets to scoring big money grants for innovative, out-of-the-box research