high-content screening
Learn About the Benefits and Applications of High-Throughput Flow Cytometry
Fast and Furious: High-Throughput Flow Cytometry in Drug Discovery
Bio-Rad Laboratories | Feb 25, 2022
Increasing automation, speed, and multiplexed analysis at all stages of drug discovery
Discover how to scale up cellular assays during drug discovery
High-Throughput Solutions for Lead Candidate Discovery
The Scientist Creative Services Team and Thermo Fisher Scientific | Oct 18, 2021
New technologies allow researchers to scale up assays for cellular functions.
Technique Talk: High-Throughput Drug Screening Using 3D Cell Culture
The Scientist Creative Services Team in collaboration with MilliporeSigma | May 5, 2021
In this workshop, learn how to use hydrogel 3D cell culture plates for streamlined 3D cell culture colony formation, imaging, metabolic read-out, and T cell-mediated tumor cell killing.
Fast Worms
Kerry Grens | Jan 1, 2013
A microfluidic device scans individual C. elegans for abnormal traits and sorts wild-type animals from mutants.
High on High Content
Kelly Rae Chi | Dec 1, 2012
A guide to some new and improved high-content screening systems