Human Connectome Project
Mapping the Human Connectome
Tanya Lewis | Jul 20, 2016
A new map of human cortex combines data from multiple imaging modalities and comprises 180 distinct regions.
Toward Predicting Personalized Neural Responses
Anna Azvolinsky | Apr 7, 2016
Analyzing resting brain scans, researchers can anticipate the brain activities of a person performing a range of tasks. 
Brain Activity Identifies Individuals
Kerry Grens | Oct 12, 2015
Neural connectome patterns differ enough between people to use them as a fingerprint.
White’s the Matter
Kelly Rae Chi | Nov 1, 2014
A basic guide to white matter imaging using diffusion MRI
Cerebral Sleuths
Mary Beth Aberlin | Nov 1, 2014
For neuroscientists, experimental results converge to help crack the case of how the brain functions.
Connectome Makes Some Noise
Beth Marie Mole | Nov 6, 2012
NIH Director Francis Collins touts the project to map neural connections in the human brain as recording the mind’s “symphony.”