Bioresorbable Brain Implants
Bioresorbable Brain Implants
Catherine Offord | Jan 20, 2016
Sensors made from biodegrading materials may soon provide a safe, cost-effective alternative to current technology, a study shows.
Wireless Charger Could Power Implants
Wireless Charger Could Power Implants
Kerry Grens | May 21, 2014
A new technology allows for charging up tiny electronics from a distance, perhaps powering devices deeply embedded within tissue.
Vanishing Batteries
Vanishing Batteries
Rina Shaikh-Lesko | Mar 26, 2014
Researchers describe a major component of biodegradable implants.
Monkey Brain Booster
Beth Marie Mole | Sep 19, 2012
Scientists use a frontal-lobe implant to improve thinking skills in primates.
Bionic Eye Sees the Light
Cristina Luiggi | May 15, 2012
A light-powered retinal implant restores vision in rats.
The Joint Collector
Hannah Waters | Mar 1, 2012
Forget stamps: one bioengineer amasses broken artificial joints to learn why they failed and how to build better ones.
The Implant Melting Pot
Hannah Waters | Feb 23, 2012
Dutch company Orthometals recycles and melts down implants left behind after cremation.