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Identifying Spurious Cancer Mutations
Identifying Spurious Cancer Mutations
Dan Cossins | Jun 19, 2013
Researchers reveal why analyses of cancer-causing mutations are riddled with false positives and demonstrate a new approach that eliminates the problem.
Ginormous Genome
Sabrina Richards | Apr 30, 2012
Researchers find organisms with huge genomes with high mutation rates, overturning a common expectation in evolutionary biology.
Our Missing Genes
Sabrina Richards | Feb 17, 2012
New research suggests that the average person has about 20 genes with loss-of-function mutations—many more than previously suspected.
Double the Mutations
Hannah Waters | Jan 30, 2012
Irradiated sperm of young male mice induce mutations in eggs upon fertilization, a phenomenon that may pose risks for the children of cancer survivors.