reproductive aging

A Scrambled Mess
Karen Schindler | May 1, 2016
Why do so many human eggs have the wrong number of chromosomes?
Meiotic Mysteries
Karen Schindler | Apr 30, 2016
Understanding why so many human oocytes contain the wrong number of chromosomes
Inferior Sperm
Bob Grant | Feb 5, 2015
A study in an African bird species sheds light on age-related gamete decline.
Why Women Lose Fertility
Daniel Levitis and Alan Cohen | Sep 1, 2013
Mating behavior is an unlikely driver of women's reproductive aging.
Putting the Men in Menopause
Jon Stone | Sep 1, 2013
Can mating behavior explain the evolution of menopause in humans?
News from Cell
Cristina Luiggi | Dec 9, 2011
Some of the highlights from this year’s American Society for Cell Biology meeting, held earlier this week