Week in Review: June 30–July 4
Tracy Vence | Jul 3, 2014
STAP retractions; comparing SCNT-derived stem cells with iPSCs; malaria-infected mice more attractive to mosquitoes; stem cell banks face business challenges
Not All Stem Cells Created Equal
Anna Azvolinsky | Jul 2, 2014
Compared to induced pluripotent stem cells generated from somatic cells, stem cells created by nuclear transfer appear to be closer to the genetic state of embryonic cells.
Week in Review: April 28–May 2
Tracy Vence | May 2, 2014
Male scientists stress mice out; using SCNT to reprogram adult cells; acetate can reach mouse brain, reduce appetite; WHO sounds “post-antibiotic era” alarm
SCNT Picks Up Steam
Kate Yandell | Apr 28, 2014
Study confirms that somatic cell nuclear transfer, an alternate method of creating patient-specific pluripotent stem cells, can be used to reprogram adult cells.
Robert Blelloch: Teacher, Doctor, Scientist
Jef Akst | May 1, 2012
Associate Professor, Department of Urology, University of California, San Francisco. Age: 45