tissue scaffold
First Organ-Specific Tissue Sheets
First Organ-Specific Tissue Sheets
Ashley Yeager | Aug 9, 2017
The material is durable, flexible, and can serve as a scaffold for cell growth, a study shows.
Lab-Grown 3-D Brain Tissue Mimics Cortex
Lab-Grown 3-D Brain Tissue Mimics Cortex
Kerry Grens | Aug 11, 2014
From cortical neurons, researchers have engineered rat tissue that formed complex networks of functioning neurons and appeared to behave normally after an injury.
Rebuilding Missing Muscle
Rebuilding Missing Muscle
Rina Shaikh-Lesko | Apr 30, 2014
An acellular matrix can help guide stem cells to injury sites and regrow muscles in both mice and humans, a study finds.
Lab-Grown Ear
Lab-Grown Ear
Kate Yandell | Aug 1, 2013
Scientists used a titanium wire framework to help ears made from collagen and sheep cartilage cells maintain their shape.
The Golden Goose Is Awarded
Edyta Zielinska | Sep 12, 2012
Researchers are given a prize for high-impact science that began with an unusual or seemingly frivolous study.
Enter the Third Dimension
Amber Dance | Sep 1, 2012
Cell culture goes 3-D with devices that better mimic in vivo conditions.
Replacement Parts
Ed Yong | Aug 1, 2012
To cope with a growing shortage of hearts, livers, and lungs suitable for transplant, some scientists are genetically engineering pigs, while others are growing organs in the lab.
Honeycomb-grown Nerves
Sabrina Richards | Apr 24, 2012
A honeycomb-shaped scaffold helps damaged nerves reconnect, providing hope that a similar scaffold could someday enable nerves repair in vivo.
FDA Approves New Gum Grafts
Sabrina Richards | Mar 14, 2012
A new gum graft technique promises to give patients with receding gums a less-painful surgical alternative.