“This initiative will help position our brand for growth and provide the promotional strength our regionalized sales and business development representatives will need to help us achieve the revenue goals we have for this region.” said Dan Eagleson, Senior VP of Sales & Marketing at Baker, he continues, “We hope this initiative will allow us to speak more directly to new and existing customers within APAC region, providing a platform through which we can create demand for our sales partners and more clearly communicate the full range of solutions we supply from each of our brands.”

 “Over the last 5 years APAC has become a significant proportion of Baker’s international business and we recently hired a new Regional Sales Manager, Kalucia Tsai, to provide our partners with greater levels of service. This has been a very fruitful investment for us so increasing our online presence with these two websites is a natural extension of trying to further build on this success.” commented Samir Patel, Global Director of Sales for Baker Ruskinn.

The Baker Company is proud to offer our Chinese and Japanese customers these two new streamlined sources of information in their native languages.