In a continued effort to bring the readers of The Scientist the very best in life science research news, we have examined our full lineup of Facebook niche pages and found that we could streamline some of our channels to provide clearer and more succinct coverage with a renewed sense of academic rigor.

The proposed changes are as follows:

The Cell Scientist is a merger of the pages formerly known as Cell Biology Research and Stem Cell Research (previously Stem Cell and Regenerative Science). 

  • Topics to be covered on this page will include stem cells, metabolic and genetic disease, cell function and communication, bone marrow, 3-D printed bones and organs, regenerative science, bioethics, and policy.

The Micro Scientist will be the new name for the merger between Microbiology & Immunology and Microbiology & Biochemistry (previously known as Biochemistry & Chemistry). 

  • Topics to be covered on this page include drug discovery,...

The Cancer Scientist will represent the merger of Cancer Research News and Bench to Bedside. 

  • This page will bring Bench to Bedside’s focus of translational medicine and apply it toward cancer research while discussing genetics/genomics in cancer treatment, molecular biology, diagnostic tools and techniques, treatments, funding, animal husbandry policy, clinical trials, and drug discovery.

The Genome Scientist will be the new name for Genetics in Life Science.

  • The scope of the page will remain the same and provide coverage regarding genetics, genomics, GMO policy, techniques, gene editing, gene therapy, and molecular biology.

The EnviroScientist will be the new name for Biology Brief. 

  • This page will narrow its previous focus to ecology, environmental policy, climate change, conservation, plant science, soil health, zoology, and entomology.

The NeuroScientist and The Scientist Careers will remain unchanged in both name and scope.

While there seems to be a lot changing, each of these adjustments was carefully considered to minimize impact or confusion to our core audience of life science researchers. Mergers are only proposed between pages with very similar scopes and the name changes will provide a sense of uniformity within our brand.

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please contact Lisa Winter, Social Media Editor:

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