Selections from The Scientist’s reading list:

  • Following on the results of last month’s Kennewick Man genomic study, Pacific Standard this week (July 6) tackled “the complicated science—and conflict—behind identifying the first Native Americans.”
  •  The New Yorker on new nosology—disease classification—in light of the World Health Organization’s recently issued recommendations. Is the end of eponymous naming near?
  • People and their canine companions may swap some mouth microbes, according to a small study published in PLOS ONE last week (July 2), but scientists couldn’t match up dogs with their owners based on oral bacteria. Researchers from Konkuk University in Seoul and their colleagues compared the oral microbiomes of 10 dogs and their owners, finding that “the oral microbiomes of dogs and their owners were appreciably different, and similarity in the microbiomes of canines and their owners was not correlated with residing in...

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