It's that time of year again...
Looking for something to give to your scientific sweetheart this Valentine's Day? Are you high on passion but low on ideas? The TS Swag pop-up store has just what you need to sweep the scientist in your life away from the bench and into your arms!

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Love, Actually = Oxytocin T-Shirt

Look, we're not saying that love is a process dictated only by chemicals, but it's not like having oxytocin in your life hurts. It's the cuddle chemical, for Pete's sake, so start cuddling, STAT!

Get a little love from your body and brain!

Science Sweethearts - Candy Hearts T-Shirt

What would Valentine's Day be without slogan-emblazoned candy hearts of... debatable alimentary value? This year, tickle someone's punny bone while setting off their nostalgia receptors! ...

Deliver all of that familiar wit, with none of that unforgettable taste!


Be the CRISPR to My Cas9 - Gene Editing Valentine T-Shirt

CRISPR may get all the attention, but it knows that it needs its complementary associated proteins to function. Whether you feel like you're the CRISPR or Cas9, find your complement and become the talk of the town!

Become the hottest thing in someone's life with a little help from the hottest thing in science!

Love: A Science Poem T-Shirt

Unfortunately, bringing flowers into the lab can be a violation of laboratory safety protocols. However, roses and violets aren't the only red and blue things in this world. Show off a little knowledge of the chemical elements and unleash your inner poet this Valentine's Day.

Create a little chemistry of your own with this modern take on an old classic.

You Raise Me Up (He@RT) T-Shirt

There's no denying that the lab can be kind of a downer sometimes. Fortunately, we've got special people in our lives to pick us back up when the Western blot results are gray. This Valentine's Day, remind those special people how much they help lift your spirits through the thick, the thin, and the ambiguous.

What? You've never expressed love in a formula before?

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