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The gift-giving holidays are upon us once again, and – just like last year – you probably have no idea what to get for the scientist in your life. The TS Swag pop-up store is here to stop you from making the same amateur mistakes as last year. Honestly, gift cards? Not only are they impersonal, but they are a major contributor to plastic waste!

Never fear! Browse our catalog of holiday-themed snazzy shirts below, or go straight to the source: The TS Swag Zazzle Store

Technically Turkey: Scientific Diagram of a Turkey T-Shirt

Gobble, gobble: It's time to talk turkey.
But, as a life scientist, I feel compelled to discuss my fine, feathered friends by their proper anatomical designations. Don't attend any Thanksgiving celebrations without knowing whether or not to accept the "extra snood" portion. 

Be the most knowledgeable person in the room passed out on the...

Chemis-Tree for Christmas - Periodic Table T-Shirt

Gathering with the neighbors to go a' wassailing? Well, don't forget the words to this holiday classic, which you may hum periodically throughout the year! Celebrate the Noble Gases and their famed stability by not stumbling into the tree during the holiday party, okay? Don't be that scientist!

How noble are your gasses?


Microbiome Sampling Shirt (Biohazard) - Microbes

There's good news, and there's bad news. The bad news is that you'll never escape from the creepy, crawly, flagella-y, pseudopoddy grasp of your resident microbes. The good news is... that that's good news! Sample your microbiome, your friend's dog's microbiome, or the "festive leavings" of an airborne reindeer. Gross science is the best kind of science!

Sharp threads for messy science is the best combination!

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