Several multimedia items on took readers beyond the text, with videos and slideshows that brought the stories of researchers and their work to life. Here are 2014’s best.

TSLive: Catch of the Day

Intrepid TS editor Kerry Grens spent a chilly Spring day on the Illinois River with Asian Carp hunter Clint Carter to report a story about the strategy of eating invasive species to remove them from ecosystems.

The Structure of Flowers

Architecture student-turned-artist Macato Murayama creates beautiful images inspired by the intricate anatomy of flowers.




Midair Collision

A Canada goose smashes into the cockpit of a small plane, highlighting the dangers of birdstrikes.




TSLive: Handy Apes

Studying handedness in chimps may shed light on the mysterious trait in humans.




Sex in a Scanner

Meet Pek Van Andel, who conducted the famous MRI sex experiment, and...



Anatomical Art

Through her Street Anatomy blog, medical illustrator Vanessa Ruiz has connected with a diverse array of arists who draw inspiration from the human body.


Seizing the Opportunity

Ron Blackwell helps neuroscientists map the circuitry of face perception by letting them stimulate his brain with electricity.



TSLive: Disease on the Wing

Bats' special relationship with pathogens



Seeing in the Dark

Meet the scientists and study subjects behind research into how senses work together to form perceptions of the world.

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