Common concerns within the IVF Laboratory for embryo development during in vitro culture include media evaporation, changes in osmolality, and pH shifts due to the small volume of media used. Heavy Oil for Embryo Culture addresses those concerns with the ideal viscosity to provide an optimal in vitro environment for embryo development. To ensure the utmost quality, each raw material lot of Heavy Oil for Embryo Culture is validated using FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific’s genetic mouse embryo assay MEGA, a bioassay with increased sensitivity for detecting embryotoxic materials when compared to traditional mouse embryo assays (MEA). Every lot of oil produced also undergoes rigorous quality testing procedures for sterility, endotoxin presence, human sperm survival, MEA, and peroxide values—all reported on the Certificates of Analysis for transparency.

"FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific continues to be the leader in providing innovative technologies in IVF with the goal of helping to build families," said Steven Geimer, executive director of the medical business unit, FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific, Inc. "The addition of Heavy Oil for Embryo Culture to our portfolio gives customers the option to choose the viscosity that best suits their protocols and preferences. Heavy Oil for Embryo Culture is designed to provide the extra blanket of protection and stability needed to ensure the safest possible culture environment for developing embryos.”

Heavy Oil for Embryo Culture is approved for sale immediately in the USA, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong.