Overcoming Fears While Napping
Overcoming Fears While Napping
Kate Yandell | Sep 22, 2013
Repeated exposure to fear-associated stimuli during short bouts of sleep made study participants less frightened of related provocations once they awoke.
Manipulating Mouse Memory
Manipulating Mouse Memory
Chris Palmer | Jul 25, 2013
Researchers deliver bursts of light to specific cells in the mouse hippocampus to implant false memories about a fearful event.
Scaring Those Who Have No Fear
Scaring Those Who Have No Fear
Kate Yandell | Feb 5, 2013
Scientists found a way to cause panic attacks in women with amygdala damage.
Psychopathic Pathology
Jef Akst | Nov 28, 2011
The brains of psychopaths have a different structure than healthy brains, perhaps explaining their antisocial and impulsive behaviors.
Soldiers' Amygdalae Show Scars
Kerry Grens | Aug 30, 2011
A year and a half after soldiers have returned from war, impairments in the regulatory circuitry of the amygdala remain.
To Err is Human
Sarah Greene | Feb 1, 2011
This is your brain on emotions.
Face to Face with the Emotional Brain
Ahmad R. Hariri & Paul J. Whalen | Feb 1, 2011
Amygdala responses to the facial signals of others predict both normal and abnormal emotional states. An understanding of the brain chemistry underlying these responses will lead to new strategies for treating and predicting psychopathology.