ancestry Adds New Genetics Service Adds New Genetics Service
Bob Grant | Apr 6, 2015
The genealogy company is advertising a new DNA test that can reportedly connect users to their ancestors back to the 1700s.
DNA Ancestry for All
DNA Ancestry for All
Tracy Vence | Jul 10, 2014
Big ad campaigns and celebrity involvement have helped increase public interest in genetic genealogy, but helping consumers understand their DNA ancestry testing results remains difficult.
One Big Family
One Big Family
Jef Akst | Oct 29, 2013
Researchers use data from the anonymized profiles of a family history network to develop family trees including up to 13 million individuals.
Fossil Sheds Light on Early Primates
Fossil Sheds Light on Early Primates
Kate Yandell | Jun 6, 2013
The ancient remains of a tiny primate suggest it likely ate insects, lived in trees, and weighed less than an ounce.
Scottish DNA Unexpectedly Diverse
Bob Grant | Apr 18, 2012
Geography might explain the treasure trove of genetic diversity among Scots.
UK scraps nationality DNA-testing
Tia Ghose | Jun 20, 2011
The UK’s immigration agency has abandoned a program to develop DNA and isotope testing to assess the nationality of asylum seekers.