Developing Aptamer Biosensor Technology for Diagnostics and Therapeutics
Expanding the Available Target Range for New Drugs and Diagnostics with Aptamers
The Scientist Creative Services Team and aptamer Group | May 3, 2022
In this roundtable discussion, an expert panel will discuss how the latest applications of aptamer technology are enabling innovation across the life sciences by replacing antibodies.
CRISPR Biosensors for Disease Diagnostics
The Scientist Creative Services Team | Feb 2, 2021
Kiana Aran and Can Dincer will discuss potential advantages and diagnostic applications of CRISPR biosensing.
Combating COVID-19 with Cell-Free Expression
The Scientist Creative Services Team | Aug 19, 2020
Scientists rely on synthetic biology and cell-free expression systems for developing novel approaches to combat the pandemic.
Image of the Day: Glowing Bacteria On a Chip
The Scientist Staff | Sep 1, 2017
Using new nanochip technology, scientists can measure the light emitted by engineered fluorescing bacteria.