clinical trials
Duke Sued for Cancer Trial
Jef Akst | Sep 12, 2011
Cancer patients and families of deceased patients filed a lawsuit against Duke University for clinical trials based on flawed data.
FDA's Biomarker and Device Advice
Bob Grant | Aug 18, 2011
The US federal agency issues draft rules to guide medical device makers and those hoping to register biomarkers.
The Father of Trial Randomization Dies
Bob Grant | Aug 15, 2011
Statistician Paul Meier, who championed the random assignment of patients to treatment groups in clinical trials, changed the way the researchers test experimental drugs.
Battling Malaria in Africa
Jef Akst | Aug 1, 2011
When general practitioner John Lusingu returned to his native Tanzania to do research on malaria, he was met with a total lack of science infrastructure. 
Powering Clinical Trials
Jef Akst | Aug 1, 2011
To ensure high-quality clinical trials of a malaria vaccine, organizers in rural Africa must first upgrade electrical and research infrastructures.
An Overhaul for Human Research?
Tia Ghose | Jul 26, 2011
Proposed rules would streamline human research and strengthen protections for study subjects, according to the US government.
Regulating the Humanized
Bob Grant | Jul 25, 2011
A UK panel puts forth guidelines for research that use experimental animals harboring human cells and tissues.
Placebo of HIV Trials
Jef Akst | Jul 14, 2011
A new study confirms that a “trial effect”—in which patients improve simply as a result of taking part in a drug study—once existed among HIV trial participants.
Study Pulled Minutes Before Publication
Jessica P. Johnson | Jul 8, 2011
A journal halts publication of a study on the benefits of meditation for heart disease to review additional data.
Korean Stem Cell Med for Sale
Cristina Luiggi | Jul 8, 2011
South Korea approves the first stem-cell medication for clinical use.