plasma membrane
New Technologies Shed Light on Caveolae
Ben Nichols | Jun 1, 2018
The functions of the cellular invaginations identified more than half a century ago are now beginning to be understood in detail.
Infographic: Caveolae Form and Function
Ben Nichols | May 31, 2018
Researchers interrogate the cavernous structures on the surface of cells to better understand how they affect membrane function.
Doors and Pores
Mary Beth Aberlin | Dec 1, 2016
The awesome architecture of the gateways to the nucleus
Pushing Boundaries
Anna Azvolinsky | Dec 1, 2016
Applying physics, chemistry, and cell biology, Satyajit Mayor seeks to understand how cell membranes work.
Video: Cells, Skin Deep
The Scientist Staff | Nov 30, 2016
Profilee Satyajit Mayor discusses his explorations of cell membranes, which are helping to update the classical fluid mosaic model of dynamic cellular boundaries.
Taking Shape
Wallace F. Marshall | Dec 1, 2013
The causes of a cell’s three-dimensional structure remain a fundamental mystery of cell biology.
The Enigmatic Membrane
Muriel Mari, Sharon A. Tooze, and Fulvio Reggiori | Feb 1, 2012
Despite years of research, the longstanding mystery of where the autophagosome gets its double lipid bilayers is not much clearer.