Study: Telomeres Don’t Shorten with Age in Longest-Lived Bats
Diana Kwon | Feb 7, 2018 | 1 min read
Researchers find that while bats in the Myotis genus don’t produce telomerase, the enzyme that lengthens telomeres, they possess 21 telomere maintenance–related genes.
First Data from Anti-Aging Gene Therapy
Kerry Grens | Apr 25, 2016 | 4 min read
A biotech company reports that an experimental treatment elongated its CEO’s telomeres. 
Telomerase Overdrive
Ashley P. Taylor | Jan 1, 2016 | 2 min read
Two mutations in a gene involved in telomere extension reverse the gene’s epigenetic silencing.
Another Telomere-Regulating Enzyme Found
Jef Akst | Nov 12, 2015 | 2 min read
Researchers identify a novel protein that helps maintain the length of chromosome-capping telomeres. 
Control ALT, Delete Cancer
Haroldo Silva, David Halvorsen, and Jeremy D. Henson | Apr 1, 2015 | 5 min read
Treating cancer by shutting down the alternative lengthening of telomeres (ALT) pathway
Of Cells and Limits
Anna Azvolinsky | Mar 1, 2015 | 9 min read
Leonard Hayflick has been unafraid to speak his mind, whether it is to upend a well-entrenched dogma or to challenge the federal government. At 86, he’s nowhere near retirement.
Circular Chromosomes Straightened
Kerry Grens | Nov 6, 2014 | 3 min read
A newly described method linearizes circular chromosomes in yeast and caps them with telomeres to mimic natural chromosomes.
Anti-aging Pill Challenged
Hayley Dunning | Jul 31, 2012 | 2 min read
Former biotech executive files lawsuit accusing the company of engaging in deceptive business practices.
The Aging and Inflammation Link
Ruth Williams | May 24, 2012 | 3 min read
A protein that keeps the immune response in check leads a double life as an anti-aging factor.
Telomere Basics
Rodrigo Calado and Neal Young | May 1, 2012 | 1 min read
Telomeres are repetitive, noncoding sequences that cap the ends of linear chromosomes. They consist of hexameric nucleotide sequences (TTAGGG in humans) repeated hundreds to thousands of times. 
With All Due Consideration
Mary Beth Aberlin | May 1, 2012 | 3 min read
Scientists and their many hats
The Scientist Staff | May 1, 2012 | 2 min read
Meet some of the people featured in the April 2012 issue of The Scientist.
Telomeres in Disease
Rodrigo Calado and Neal Young | May 1, 2012 | 10+ min read
Telomeres have been linked to numerous diseases over the years, but how exactly short telomeres cause diseases and how medicine can prevent telomere erosion are still up for debate.