two-photon microscopy
Here Comes Single-Cell Optogenetics
Ruth Williams | Mar 1, 2018
A new protein may allow researchers to home in on individual neurons, determining their activity minute by minute.
Two-Photon Microscopy’s Historic Influence on Neuroscience
Alison F. Takemura | Nov 1, 2016
In the 1990s, the development of this gentler and more precise microscopy method improved scientists’ ability to probe neurons’ activity and anatomy.
Demystifying the Brain’s GPS
Tanya Lewis | Jul 12, 2016
Studies in rodents are beginning to reveal how mammalian navigational sense works.
Neutrophils Lead, T Cells Follow
Anna Azvolinsky | Sep 3, 2015
When influenza invades the mouse respiratory tract, neutrophils guide the subsequent T-cell attack on infected tissue, scientists show.  
Cutting the Wire
Jeffrey M. Perkel | Dec 1, 2014
Optical techniques for monitoring action potentials