3-D cell culture

Speeding Up Stem Cell Growth
Amber Dance | Sep 1, 2018
Scientists fiddle with formulas to boost the growth of their stem cell cultures.
Image of the Day: Cancer Spheroid
The Scientist Staff | May 15, 2018
3-D balls of cells can be used to screen for potential cancer drugs.
Image of the Day: Embryoid
The Scientist Staff | Aug 11, 2017
Using human pluripotent stem cells, scientists engineered an amniotic sac-like structure, potentially useful for uncovering the elusive cellular signals that lead to infertility.
Human large intestine tissue under microscope view
Mini-Guts to the Rescue: Introducing 3-D Organoid Cell Cultures
The Scientist Creative Services Team, MilliporeSigma | Jan 19, 2022
A cost-effective 3-D organoid biobank provides a versatile translational research tool.
Location, Location, Location
Anna Azvolinsky | Apr 1, 2017
Since first proposing that a cell’s function and biology depend on its surroundings, Mina Bissell continues to probe the role of the extracellular matrix.
The Regenerator
Anna Azvolinsky | Dec 1, 2015
In his search for effective therapies for Parkinson’s disease, Lorenz Studer is uncovering pluripotency switches and clues to what makes cells age.
Orchestrating Organoids
Kelly Rae Chi | Sep 1, 2015
A guide to crafting tissues in a dish that reprise in vivo organs
Compatible Company
Amber Dance | Sep 1, 2015
A guide to culturing cells with viruses in mind
In Custody
Wudan Yan | Apr 1, 2015
Expert tips for isolating and culturing cancer stem cells