brain mapping
The Scientist Speaks - Into the Mind of Human’s Best Friend: Using fMRI to Study Canine Cognition
Niki Spahich, PhD | Jul 23, 2021
Gregory Berns discusses training dogs to undergo fMRI scans to better understand their brains.
Image of the Day: Neurons Unveiled
The Scientist Staff and The Scientist Staff | Nov 2, 2017
Researchers have succeeded in mapping the complex paths of 300 neurons in the mouse brain.
Mapping the Human Connectome
Tanya Lewis | Jul 20, 2016
A new map of human cortex combines data from multiple imaging modalities and comprises 180 distinct regions.
Locating Language within the Brain
Tanya Lewis | Apr 27, 2016
Researchers map the mental semantic systems of podcast listeners.
Perchance to Dream
Karen Zusi | Mar 1, 2016
Mapping the dreaming brain through neuroimaging and studies of brain damage
Processing Faces
Jef Akst | Jan 21, 2016
Other people’s faces are mapped onto our brains.
New Human Brain Language Map
Bob Grant | Jun 26, 2015
Researchers find that Wernicke’s area, thought to be the seat of language comprehension in the human brain for more than a century, is not.
Casting a Small Net
Amanda B. Keener | Jun 10, 2015
Scientists inject flexible, electronic mesh structures into mouse brains to track neurons in real time.
Brains in Action
Anna Azvolinsky | Nov 1, 2014
An inspiring lecturer turned Marcus Raichle’s focus from music and history to science. Since then, he has pioneered the use of imaging to study how our brains function.