copy number variants

Techniques for Assessing Genomic Copy Number Variations
Sarah C.P. Williams | Oct 1, 2016
As the importance of genomic copy number variations for health and disease becomes clearer, researchers are creating new ways to detect these changes in the genome.
Genomic Elements Reveal Human Diversity
Anna Azvolinsky | Aug 6, 2015
Duplication of copy number variants may be the source of greatest diversity among people, researchers find.
Thomson Reuters Predicts Nobelists
Bob Grant | Sep 24, 2014
Using citation statistics, the firm forecasts which researchers are likely to take home science’s top honors this year.
Genetic Diversity in the Brain
Ruth Williams | Oct 31, 2013
Neurons within a person’s brain exhibit striking variations in DNA copy number.
A Mouse Model of Autism?
Tia Ghose | Oct 3, 2011
Deletions or duplications of a certain genomic region implicated in autism can induce autism-like brain and behavior changes in mice.