DNA origami
Caught on Camera
The Scientist Staff | Apr 1, 2018
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DNA Robots Target Cancer
Abby Olena | Feb 12, 2018
Researchers use DNA origami to generate tiny mechanical devices that deliver a drug that cuts off the blood supply to tumors in mice.
Top Technical Advances in 2017
Shawna Williams | Dec 24, 2017
The year’s most impressive achievements include new methods to extend CRISPR editing, patch-clamp neurons hands-free, and analyze the contents of live cells.
The Biggest DNA Origami Structures Yet
Abby Olena | Dec 6, 2017
Three new strategies for using DNA to generate large, self-assembling shapes create everything from a nanoscale teddy bear to a nanoscale Mona Lisa.
Cargo-Sorting DNA Robots
Ruth Williams | Sep 14, 2017
Autonomous molecules that collect, carry, and sort different genetic packages usher in a new era for nucleic-acid robotics. 
The Scientist Staff | Jul 16, 2017
Meet some of the people featured in the July/August issue of The Scientist.
Twists and Turns
Mary Beth Aberlin | Jul 16, 2017
New starring roles for nucleic acids
Building Nanoscale Structures with DNA
Arun Richard Chandrasekaran | Jul 16, 2017
The versatility of geometric shapes made from the nucleic acid are proving useful in a wide variety of fields from molecular computation to biology to medicine.
DNA Origami
The Scientist Staff | Jul 16, 2017
Will complex, folded synthetic DNA molecules one day serve as capsules to deliver drugs to cancer cells?
More-Stable DNA Origami
Tracy Vence | Jul 23, 2015
Scientists build nanoscale mesh models of a rabbit and a human stick figure, among other things. 
Giant DNA Origami
Jef Akst | Sep 18, 2014
Researchers create the largest 3-D DNA structures to date, many times bigger than previously constructed origami shapes.