jigsaw puzzle with magnifying glass over the word "metastasis" 
Breast Cancer Cells Retrain T Cells to Invade Specific Tissues
Nele Haelterman, PhD | Sep 26, 2022
Scientists discover tumor-associated T cells that drive breast cancer metastasis to lymph nodes.
3d illustration proteins with lymphocytes , t cells or cancer cells
New Patient Tumor Cell Models Rapidly Predict Cancer Therapy Outcomes
Jennifer Zieba, PhD | Jul 11, 2022
A new benchtop microfluidic device generates patient-derived tumor micro-organospheres that allow for real-time cancer therapy decisions.
Identifying Biomarkers to Guide Cancer Immunotherapy
Identifying Biomarkers to Guide Cancer Immunotherapy
The Scientist Creative Services Team | Mar 15, 2022
An expert panel will discuss the cutting-edge technologies they used to identify novel biomarkers that predict patient responses to immunotherapy.