First Ever iPS-Cell Trial a Go
First Ever iPS-Cell Trial a Go
Bob Grant | Jul 22, 2013
The Japanese government will allow a study of stem cell therapy using patients’ own cells, reprogrammed to be stem cells, to treat vision loss.
Proposed “Japanese NIH” Draws Fire
Proposed “Japanese NIH” Draws Fire
Chris Palmer | Jun 25, 2013
Scientific societies in Japan contend that a plan for an NIH-like agency to oversee the country’s science ministries will squash basic research.
Japan’s Nuclear Reboot Stalled
Japan’s Nuclear Reboot Stalled
Bob Grant | Feb 7, 2013
Regulators are warning that the Asian country’s nuclear power infrastructure may still be vulnerable to earthquakes.
The Science of Stowaways
Hayley Dunning | Oct 1, 2012
A dock dislodged by 2011's Japanese tsunami washes ashore in Oregon, posing an invasive species threat, but also serving as an unprecedented natural experiment in open-ocean dispersal.
Radiation Maps for Japan
Ruth Williams | Nov 14, 2011
Researchers map the fallout from Fukushima.
Less Money for Nuclear
Edyta Zielinska | Oct 3, 2011
Japan passes over nuclear power as it increases spending on scientific research.