Patch clamping
Top Technical Advances in 2017
Shawna Williams | Dec 24, 2017
The year’s most impressive achievements include new methods to extend CRISPR editing, patch-clamp neurons hands-free, and analyze the contents of live cells.
Robotic Patch Clamping Gains Eyes
Diana Kwon | Aug 30, 2017
Two groups of scientists combined automation with two-photon microscopy to target and record specific neurons in living animals. 
New and Old Techniques in Modern Neuroscience
Alison F. Takemura | Oct 1, 2016
Imaging and manipulating the brain has come a long way from electrodes and the patch clamp, though such traditional tools remain essential.
Cutting the Wire
Jeffrey M. Perkel | Dec 1, 2014
Optical techniques for monitoring action potentials