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Outline of a human head with an abstract wave. Plexus effect.

September 2022, Issue 2

RNA in the Brain

The vital role of noncoding RNAs in the evolution of cognition

puzzle piece and DNA

September 2022, Issue 1

Filling In the Gaps

Researchers work to address the shortcomings of the human reference genome

Cover of TS Digest August, Issue 2

August 2022, Issue 2

Big Roles for the "Little Brain"

The cerebellum is now appreciated for its functions in cognition, emotion, and other higher-order processes

Degeneration of dopaminergic neuron, a key stage of development of Parkinson's disease, 3D illustration

August 2022, Issue 1

Maligned Proteins

Understanding the normal roles of peptides associated with neurodegneration

Dinosaur Fossil (Tyrannosaurus Rex) Found by Archaeologists

July 2022, Issue 2

Diagnosing A Mass Extinction

Is the current biodiversity crisis on par with the five biggest in Earth's history?

Greenhouse whitefly - Trialeurodes vaporariorum on the underside of leaves. It is a currently important agricultural pest.

July 2022, Issue 1

The Web of Life

DNA can cross the boundaries between species — or even kingdoms

June 2022 Cover

June 2022, Issue 2

Vaccinating Against Overdose

Can the immune system help prevent overdose and treat addiction?

Two albatrosses

June 2022, Issue 1

Time for Divorce

When and why animal pairs break up

May D2 cover

May 2022, Issue 2

Viral Hijacking

Short, unstructured protein segments are key to how pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2 interact with their hosts

May 2022, issue 1 cover image

May 2022, Issue 1

The First Americans

Mounting evidence suggests people reached the new world thousands of years earlier than previously thought

Conceptual image of a person's brain with a cluster of cells inside

April 2022, Issue 2

Schizophrenia & the Immune System

Targeting the body’s defense pathways might help treat a subset of people with the psychiatric disorder

April 2022, Issue 1 Cover

April 2022, Issue 1

Whispers of the Past

Debate continues over the existence of epigenetic inheritance in humans

March 2022, Issue 2 Cover

March 2022, Issue 2

Cancer's Microbes

Could a tumor’s microbiome be the key to diagnosing and treating cancer?

March 2022, Issue 1 cover

March 2022, Issue 1

Cancer's Unstable Genome

Rampant chromosomal abnormalities in tumors could provide new treatment strategies

February Digest 2 cover

February 2022, Issue 2

Coral Memory

How corals are able to better withstand bleaching events after previous heat damage

February, Issue 1, Cover

February 2022, Issue 1

Choosing Sides

Cell chirality could underlie development of a left and a right

TS Digest January Issue 2

January 2022, Issue 2

Jumping to Evolve

By moving around in the genome, transposons contribute to adaptation

Cover of TS Digest January 2022 issue 1

January 2022, Issue 1

The Hunt For A Pandemic's Origins

Researchers uncover how the 2009 swine flu leapt to humans from a pig in Mexico