3D cell culture

Ready, Set, Grow
Amber Dance | Sep 1, 2017
How to culture stem cells without depending on mouse feeder cells
Next Generation: Cell-Covered Fastener
Ruth Williams | Aug 28, 2015
Scientists have developed an interlocking cell scaffold for easy building and dismantling of tissues.
Prostate Organoid from Stem Cells
Jef Akst | Jul 30, 2015
Researchers construct a 3-D cell model of the prostate gland and use it to show that BPA exposure may increase the risk of cancer in the organ.
The advantages of 3-D cell culture
The Advantages of 3-D Cell Culture
MilliporeSigma | Mar 29, 2022
3-D cell culture narrows the gap between in vitro and in vivo.
Stomach in a Dish
Molly Sharlach | Nov 2, 2014
Researchers generate the first functional human stomach tissue in vitro.
In Vitro Alzheimer’s?
Molly Sharlach | Oct 13, 2014
A new three-dimensional culture method recreates the plaques and tangles of the neurodegenerative disease.
Stem Cells in Human Teeth Follow the Rules of Their Environment
Roni Dengler, PhD | Feb 7, 2022
How stem cells in human teeth respond to different environmental conditions offers clues for regenerative medicine.
Surface Texture Influences Differentiation
Kate Yandell | Dec 18, 2013
The topography of a stem cell’s environment can influence cilia length, which in turn modulates cell signaling and development.
Lab-Grown Hair Follicles
Tracy Vence | Oct 22, 2013
Using molecular signatures of human dermal papilla cells grown in a 3-D environment, researchers generate new hair follicles using a patient’s own cells.
Erika More developed a jello-like tissue system to study how immune cells stimulate tissues and blood vessel growth.
An Engineer’s Perspective on Autoimmunity
Aparna Nathan | Dec 10, 2021
Erika Moore builds biomaterials to study disparate lupus outcomes.
Week in Review: October 7–11
Jef Akst | Oct 11, 2013
Nobels awarded for vesicle trafficking and computational chemistry; building 3-D microbial communities; mislabeled microbes cause retractions
Stemming the Toxic Tide
Kelly Rae Chi | Sep 1, 2012
How to screen for toxicity using stem cells
How to Grow a Mouse Embryo in a Dish
Roni Dengler, PhD | Aug 3, 2021
Researchers are taking the concept of three-dimensional cell culture beyond single organoids to develop embryos from cells.
Enter the Third Dimension
Amber Dance | Sep 1, 2012
Cell culture goes 3-D with devices that better mimic in vivo conditions.