A Benefit of Failed Pregnancy?
A Benefit of Failed Pregnancy?
Ruth Williams | Apr 9, 2015
Scientists find a common genetic variant in mothers that decreases the chance of successful pregnancy.
New DNA-based Prenatal Test
New DNA-based Prenatal Test
Dan Cossins | Mar 1, 2013
Another company has launched a non-invasive DNA screen for genetic disorders in unborn babies, adding to the competition in an emerging market.
Year of the Fetus
Year of the Fetus
Beth Marie Mole | Dec 18, 2012
2012 saw the birth of a handful of non-invasive genetic prenatal tests, but the young industry faces growing pains as legal and ethical questions loom. 
Telomeres in Disease
Rodrigo Calado and Neal Young | May 1, 2012
Telomeres have been linked to numerous diseases over the years, but how exactly short telomeres cause diseases and how medicine can prevent telomere erosion are still up for debate.
Gain a Chromosome and Adapt
Sabrina Richards | Jan 30, 2012
Research in yeast shows that aneuploidy is both a consequence of and an adaptation to stress.
Chromosomes and Cancer
Jef Akst | Aug 18, 2011
Two new papers identify how abnormal chromosome count, or aneuploidy, might relate to cancer.