digital PCR

Top 10 Innovations 2014
The Scientist Staff | Dec 1, 2014
The list of the year’s best new products contains both perennial winners and innovative newcomers.
PCR: Past, Present, & Future
Jeffrey M. Perkel | Dec 1, 2013
Highlights from a webinar held by The Scientist to celebrate 30 years of PCR: the technique's invention, quantitative real-time PCR, and digital PCR
PCR Usage and Preferences
Christi Bird | Nov 1, 2012
Quantitative real-time technology dominates the market today but digital PCR is on the rise.
Discover the predictive power of wastewater for tracking pathogens
Wastewater’s Hidden Value for Monitoring Public Health
The Scientist Creative Services Team, Bio-Rad Laboratories | Mar 23, 2022
Learn about wastewater-based epidemiology—from its conception to its present state and into its future.
Creative Emulsification
Sabrina Richards | Nov 1, 2012
Enhancing data collection from emulsion PCR reactions: three case studies
Prime Time for Digital PCR
Kelly Rae Chi | Dec 1, 2011
A rundown of tools on the market and in development