Gestational Malnutrition Affects Offspring’s Sperm
Gestational Malnutrition Affects Offspring’s Sperm
Anna Azvolinsky | Jul 10, 2014
Mice undernourished during pregnancy can transmit the effects of such nutritional stress to their sons’ germ cells, epigenetically.  
Brain Methylation Map Published
Brain Methylation Map Published
Kate Yandell | Jul 4, 2013
The epigenetic modification of brain cells undergoes great shifts over the course of mouse and human development.
An Epi Phenomenon
An Epi Phenomenon
Karen Hopkin | Dec 1, 2012
While exploring the genetics of a rare type of tumor, Stephen Baylin discovered an epigenetic modification that occurs in most every cancer—a finding he’s helping bring to the clinic.
Blood Spots Are Epigenetic Time Capsules
Sabrina Richards | Aug 22, 2012
Researchers show that blood spotted onto Guthrie cards, usually at birth, can be a high quality source of methylated DNA for long-term epigenetic studies.
Exercise Alters Epigenetics
Hannah Waters | Mar 6, 2012
Exercise causes short-term changes in DNA methylation and gene expression in muscle tissue that may have implications for type 2 diabetes.
Epigenetic Changes in Cancer
Manel Esteller | Mar 1, 2011
The study of how covalent marks on DNA and histones are involved in the origin and spread of cancer cells is also leading to new therapeutic strategies.