Picturing Infection
Picturing Infection
Kelly Rae Chi | Jan 1, 2015
Whole-animal, light-based imaging of infected small mammals
Synapses on Stage
Synapses on Stage
Kelly Rae Chi | Nov 1, 2013
Light microscopy techniques that spotlight neural connections in the brain
What Ever Happened to Douglas Prasher?
What Ever Happened to Douglas Prasher?
Bob Grant | Feb 26, 2013
The first researcher to clone the gene for green fluorescent protein, but who was passed over for the 2008 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, is back in academic science.
“Alive” and In Focus
Sarah Webb | Oct 1, 2012
Imaging viruses in action
Tracing the Ephemeral
Hannah Waters | Jun 1, 2012
A novel reporter system can track the ever-changing levels of the plant signal auxin with great precision.
Live and In Color
Sarah Webb | Apr 1, 2012
How to track RNA in living cells
First biological laser
Tia Ghose | Jun 14, 2011
Cells that produce laser light may one day zap cancer cells.
Green Team Wins 2008 Nobel
Green Team Wins 2008 Nobel
Bob Grant | Oct 8, 2008
The researchers who aided in the development of the ubiquitous green florescent protein as a tool for cell and molecular biology have taken home this year's chemistry prize.