in vivo imaging
Image of the Day: Infrared Tumors
The Scientist Staff, The Scientist Staff | Apr 18, 2018
A camera inspired by butterfly eyes allows surgeons to see cancer cells during surgery.
Gene Expression Imaged in the Living Human Brain
Tracy Vence | Aug 10, 2016
For the first time, researchers visualize histone deacetylase in the brains of healthy volunteers.
Neutrophils Lead, T Cells Follow
Anna Azvolinsky | Sep 3, 2015
When influenza invades the mouse respiratory tract, neutrophils guide the subsequent T-cell attack on infected tissue, scientists show.  
Brain Cells Behind Overeating
Anna Azvolinsky | Jan 29, 2015
Scientists have defined mouse neurons responsible for excessive food consumption at an unprecedented level of detail. 
Takaki Komiyama: Circuit Seeker
Molly Sharlach | Nov 1, 2014
Assistant Professor, Neurobiology Section, University of California, San Diego. Age: 35
High-Speed Intracellular Imaging
Molly Sharlach | Oct 23, 2014
A new kind of microscopy uses a lattice of light to visualize biological processes with extraordinary spatial and temporal resolution.
Week in Review: September 16–20
Tracy Vence | Sep 20, 2013
Dealing with anonymous misconduct allegations; efficiently generating iPSCs; distinguishing viral infections from non-viral; imaging tau in vivo
Dead or Alive?
Ruth Williams | Jun 1, 2013
Scientists create nontoxic pH nanosensors to assess viability of transplanted therapeutic cells.
Pixel Perfect
The Scientist Staff | Oct 1, 2012
Presenting the best life science images and videos of 2012
Agents Provocateurs
Mary Beth Aberlin | Apr 1, 2012
Asking pointed questions is a key part of the scientific process.