“Breathprints” Could Diagnose Disease
“Breathprints” Could Diagnose Disease
Dan Cossins | Apr 5, 2013
Researchers can identify individuals by the unique chemical signatures in their breath, suggesting that exhalations could be used for metabolomic tests.
Metabolomics Sheds Light on TB Drug
Metabolomics Sheds Light on TB Drug
Sabrina Richards | Nov 1, 2012
Understanding the mechanism of a classic tuberculosis treatment could refine future strategies for TB drug development.
Defining a Tasty Tomato
Sabrina Richards | May 29, 2012
Scientists harness the power of metabolomics to characterize what makes tomatoes taste good.
Metabolites Involved in Chronic Pain
Jeffrey M. Perkel | Jan 22, 2012
Untargeted metabolic profiling implicates a new suite of metabolites that may be involved in nerve damage-induced pain.