Learn About the Latest Innovations That Support Microbiology Research
Illuminating Hidden Microbial Mysteries
The Scientist Creative Services Team and Tecan | Feb 15, 2022
Accelerating innovation one wavelength at a time
Technology that Tracks, Shares, and Protects your Data – TRACKMAN® Connected
The Scientist Creative Services Team | Aug 26, 2020
With TRACKMAN® Connected, researchers can track their pipetting steps, conveniently share their work with collaborators, and securely protect their data. Learn more at
Optimizing Lab Ultrafiltration Workflows: From Molecule Separation to Diagnostics
The Scientist Creative Services Team | Aug 20, 2020
This webinar will provide the latest guidance on innovative methods, products, tools, and considerations needed to optimize lab ultrafiltration workflows, with a particular emphasis on cell culture molecules.
Focus on Precision: The Importance of Pipetting Accuracy for High-Sensitivity Techniques
The Scientist Creative Services Team | Jun 22, 2020
Experts will discuss how critical pipetting is to modern high-sensitivity techniques, such as flow cytometry and PCR, and steps to ensure proper pipetting technique. 
How to Build Bioinformatic Pipelines Using Galaxy
Jeffrey M. Perkel | Aug 1, 2016
A point-and-click interface alternative to command-line tools that allows researchers to easily create, run, and troubleshoot serial sequence analyses