transcriptional regulation
Non-coding Mutations May Drive Cancer
Non-coding Mutations May Drive Cancer
Dan Cossins | Jan 24, 2013
The majority of human melanomas contain mutations in a gene promoter, suggesting mutations in regulatory regions may spur some cancers.
Cranking Up Biosecurity
Cranking Up Biosecurity
Jef Akst | Oct 24, 2012
The federal government tightens regulations on SARS and other deadly viruses, but the changes could hamper research.
The Sugar Lnc
Sabrina Richards | May 1, 2012
Genes that react to cellular sugar content are regulated by a long non-coding RNA via an unexpected mechanism
Organizational Regulation
Sabrina Richards | Apr 4, 2012
A new study shows that transcription of genes in trypanosome parasites is regulated by genome organization.