The Scientist's LabTalk Podcast - Episode 2
The Scientist Creative Services Team | Oct 20, 2020
Surviving Stress: The mysteries of neuronal survival and neurodegeneration
RNAi’s Future in Drug-Target Screening
Catherine Offord | Apr 16, 2017
A recent CRISPR study contradicted years of RNA interference research on a well-studied cancer drug target. But is it the last nail in the coffin for RNAi as a screening tool? 
Nearly 500 lncRNAs Needed For Cell Growth Identified
Joshua A. Krisch | Dec 15, 2016
Using a modified CRISPR approach, scientists shed light on the diversity and function of 499 long noncoding RNAs.
Targeting the Noncoding Genome with CRISPR
Anna Azvolinsky | Sep 29, 2016
Two independent groups demonstrate the utility of CRISPR-based techniques to identify regulatory elements that govern disease-linked genes. 
Using CRISPR to Edit Genes in Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Kelly Rae Chi | Sep 1, 2016
Tips on how to surmount the challenges of working with CRISPR to manipulate genes in human stems cells to study their function in specific diseases or to correct genetic defects in patient cells.
RNA-Targeting CRISPR
Anna Azvolinsky | Jun 2, 2016
Scientists identify a novel CRISPR system that zeroes in on single-stranded RNA.  
Screening with CRISPR
Kelly Rae Chi | Jun 1, 2016
Ever-improving CRISPR-based tools are already ripe for large-scale genetic screens.
CRISPRi-Controlled Gene Expression
Jef Akst | Mar 10, 2016
A variation of the gene-editing technique can more precisely and efficiently downregulate the expression of target genes than traditional CRISPR/Cas9.
Dial It Up, Dial It Down
Kelly Rae Chi | Mar 1, 2016
Newer CRISPR tools for manipulating transcription will help unlock noncoding RNA’s many roles.
A CRISPR Fore-Cas-t
Carina Storrs | Mar 1, 2014
A newcomer’s guide to the hottest gene-editing tool on the block