Into the Limelight
Into the Limelight
Kate Yandell | Oct 1, 2015
Glial cells were once considered neurons’ supporting actors, but new methods and model organisms are revealing their true importance in brain function.
Pruning Synapses Improves Brain Connections
Pruning Synapses Improves Brain Connections
Ed Yong | Feb 2, 2014
Without microglia to pluck off unwanted synapses in early life, mouse brains develop with weaker connections, leading to altered social behavior.
Finding Injury
Hayley Dunning | Sep 1, 2012
The brain’s phagocytes follow an ATP bread trail laid down by calcium waves to the site of damage.
Immune Role in Brain Disorder?
Hannah Waters | Mar 19, 2012
Replacing immune cells in a mouse model of Rett syndrome, a developmental brain disorder, improved symptoms, suggesting a new target for treatment.